National Journal: Guide to the Six Major Tea Party Groups

I came across this helpful article in the National Journal breaking down the various Tea Party groups. Since we're getting our ducks in a row for November, I thought it would be good to have a flowchart of the various "community organizations" on our side... With a little luck, the establishment sore losers won't spoil it for everyone, and we'll all find our roles in taking back the country. You know, like Sarah Palin's speech in Iowa last week, where she channeled her inner Vince Lombardi to direct our efforts: "DeMint, go South. Romney, West, GW, raise money. Karl Rove go to ... "

Actually this is a rather good primer on who is doing what ...

Tea Party Nation

This [for-profit] group held the first-ever tea party convention in Nashville, Tenn., in February and will hold another next year, paid for with sponsor money and ticket fees. ... [T]he convention brought some groups together and marked Sarah Palin's first foray into the movement.
Americans for Prosperity

This organization trains activists in multiple states, has helped organize rallies, and spends millions of dollars to air issue ads. ... Founded by billionaire David Koch, Americans for Prosperity, registered as a 501(c)(4) advocacy group, and the AFP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity, do more than host activist training events and educate a mil-lion members in 30 states: Both groups will be major players in 2010 election spending. Together, they have announced plans to run roughly $4.6 million in TV ads in Democratic-held congressional districts. ... President Obama criticized AFP in a stump speech for campaign finance reform.

Tea Party Patriots
The movement's largest membership organization, the Tea Party Patriots is a network for leaders to coordinate on nearly any front. ... A 501(c)(4) advocacy group, the Tea Party Patriots hosts weekly conference calls and a website where organizers can share ideas, learn from each other, and coordinate events and initiatives. Organizers estimate total membership is 15 million. ... The group is known for its sheer size, but it takes few unified actions and thus makes less news than some others. It does not associate with the National Tea Party Federation, the Tea Party Express, or the Tea Party Nation, doubting their grassroots credibility.

Tea Party Express

This political action committee has sponsored three nationwide bus tours, drawing thousands to rallies and building membership. It also spends money on conservative candidates. ... The Tea Party Express's rallies account for a significant portion of the movement's media coverage. More important, the group is largely responsible for a few victories by notable candidates, having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Senate bids of Republicans Sharron Angle in Nevada and Joe Miller in Alaska. It is the only national tea party group that raises and spends significant money on GOP primaries. ... Former Chairman Mark Williams caused a huge backlash this summer by comparing the NAACP to slave traders. Success in elections has brought more favorable press since then.

FreedomWorks facilitates activism by advising its members where to find rallies and events. It also hosts activists for training seminars in Washington and helps organize rallies. ... This group was instrumental in supporting the movement early on, facilitating the nationwide Tax Day protests in 2009 by working with organizers and turning its website into a hub to help people locate rallies. Under Chairman Dick Armey, a former House majority leader, it has also organized rallies in Washington. FreedomWorks adds political savvy to the grassroots movement by training grassroots activists.

National Tea Party Federation

The federation serves as a discussion forum for tea party organizers from multiple groups, and it coordinates responses to attacks on the movement. This is the only organization that ties the movement together, which is composed of both large national organizations and smaller, local and regional groups. The Tea Party Patriots has abstained from joining the federation. The umbrella group, organized in response to accusations of racism in the tea party ranks, coordinates responses to anti-tea-party attacks and hosts online discussion between organizers....Fears that the National Tea Party Federation would seek to control the movement caused a stir when it was formed. More recently, the group demanded that the Tea Party Express expel Mark Williams for racist remarks.


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