James Lankford for Congress-Oklahoma 5th

Ok, I must admit, this is the first time I have done anything like this. I do have a personal blog but have not posted on it since April. I have never written a blog post to highlight a particular candidate and have certainly never contributed to anything like this, so we will see how it goes.

I would like to introduce you to the person I am supporting for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District. His name is James Lankford and I believe with all my heart that he is the right person for the job. First, let me tell you a little about James on a personal level. From 1996 until 2009, he was the director of Falls Creek Christian camp. Falls Creek, as it is known here in Oklahoma, is the largest Christian camp in the nation. He could have held on to this job and been perfectly okay because he was really good at what he did. However, and this is one of the things that really impresses me, instead of staying with his cushy job, he decided that someone needed to make a stand against things that were happening in Washington D.C. and so he decided to run for Congress. He had to leave his job as director of Falls Creek because of the whole separation of church and state thing (believe me, as a minister's wife, it becomes very tricky.) So, in my view, this was definitely a leap of faith on his part. He has been married to his wife, Cindy, for 18 years and has two children.

Now I would like to give you some information on his stance on the issues. He is a Constitutional Conservative. He believes that the federal government has far over-reached it's bounds according to the Constitution and he seeks to hold the federal government accountable. He is pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment, and pro-limited government. He is a strong believer in the Constitution and is a strong believer in states' rights.

The thing that impresses me the most about James Lankford is his level of integrity. He has said before that going to D.C. doesn't change a person, it reveals what type of person you are. I believe that he is the right person for the job because his integrity and his reputation mean everything to him. He is not afraid to take the tough stand, even if it means standing alone. He is in a tough run-off election that will occur on August 24th and he needs all the support he can get, from financial support, to getting his name out there, to prayer support, which is why I have decided to bring him to your attention. His opponent in the race is Kevin Calvey. There has been a lot of recent developments with this race that I would like to post later but I wanted to focus on getting you acquainted with James first.

For more information about James Lankford, please visit his website http://jameslankford.com/

I almost forgot to mention that most of you know me from Conservatives4Palin as IheartSarah.


  1. Nicole Coulter said...

    Awesome post, Theresa. James sounds like a great guy. We need to post a link to your post on Facebook! And we need to try to raise awareness about him.

    I was especially touched that he left the security of a good job. Those are the kind of leaders we need more of. He sounds like he would put the Constitution first, and eschew the grime in D.C.

    As Sarah says of politics: You can either eat well, or sleep well.

    We need more of the politicians in the latter category!

  2. Theresa P said...

    Do I need to do that on Facebook because I don't know how. You will have to tell me (My husband is the computer person in the family)

  3. Nicole Coulter said...

    Just click on your headline, copy the URL and then post it into your status bar like you were posting an update. I posted on my wall.

  4. Dale Switzer said...

    I don't know James Lankford, but I do know Kevin Calvey, very well. Kevin is a fervent fighter against tax increases. He fought against the MAPS III tax increase in Oklahoma City. That is the reason, as everyone in Oklahoma knows, that the local media and government sucklers are trying to defeat him.

    My question is, why are these pro-tax people more comfortable with James Lankford? Is it possible that they believe that a political neo-phyte will be easy to fool into supporting more tax increases?

    We know what James Langford says he's for. We have a record for Kevin Calvey has actually fought for.

  5. Theresa P said...

    I am guessing that you are a strong supporter of Mr. Calvey, so I doubt I will change your mind. I have not posted about Mr. Calvey yet because I am still trying to gather all of the necessary information. I believe that Mr. Calvey is decent person however, there have been some things he has done that do make me question his motivations and intentions. For starters, his latest ad is a slam at James Lankford working at a youth camp while he was "fighting liberals." My husband is in the ministry and the ad was a slam against those in the ministry by implying that Mr. Lankford's service was not as important. Sorry but that ad greatly offended me. I would also encourage you to check out


    Again, I know I am probably not going to change your mind, but since you asked, I provided you with information. I personally do know James Lankford and as I said in my post, his integrity means everything to him. I believe with all of my heart that Mr. Lankford is the right man for the job.

  6. Dale Switzer said...

    I am in the ministry and have been for many years. Since I am not looking to be offended, I am not. Kevin was giving James Langford the only complement he could - He's a good Christian. I'm sure he is, but he's not qualified to play in the big leagues when he has never authored a bill, never attended a legislative session - never even worked in a campaign. He's never even served on a city council, for goodness sakes. As a church youth camp director he didn't even pay property taxes on the business that employed him.

    Langford could possibly be a successful congressman, but we don't know, and neither does he. With serious work to do in congress, we don't need to send a neophyte.

    Clearly, the democrats want him there, that is why they are working so hard to make sure Kevin Calvey does not win.

    I appreciate that as evangelicals we like to put in someone just like us, but remember Harriet Myers. When we look at a man's ministry instead of his ability to do the job, we are asking for a disaster.

  7. Theresa P said...

    This is the same talk that we heard out of California from Chuck Devore against Carly Fiorina. The truth is, I don't want someone in Washington that is already playing the Washington games, but the greater truth is that I just happen to think James is the better person for the job. I don't know what you are talking about as far as the democrats want James elected. Last I heard, they want their own guy elected. Check out the McCarville Report Online. This is a great source of political information for Oklahoma. As James says in his ads, "you can't change the status quo by sending the status quo." Also, I am not trying to be rude but I am tired of those who are career politicians putting down those who are not by saying they are not qualified. Last time I looked at the Constitution, James meets the requirements.

  8. Theresa P said...

    Also, are you the same Dale Switzer that served on the Del City City Council? Just a question.

  9. Dale Switzer said...

    Yes, I am the person who served on the Del City Council.

    I got involved in election in 1994, when the democrats made similar mistakes. Kevin Calvey became involved the same year.

    Before you start calling other Republicans part of the status quo, remember, that in a few years, you are going to have some years experience in politics also. Will it then be right for someone to jump in and call you part of the status quo?

    Fiorna in California is a considerably different case. She ran a truly big business - she wasn't an activities director at a youth camp.

    Langford would probably make a fine state rep or senator, county commissioner, or even a CEO of a real business. But to expect people to make you one of the 535 legislators of the national government, you need something in your background that says you won't be rolled once you get to Congress.

    No, the democrats aren't backing their own man. They know he isn't going to win. They want the republican who is most likely to compromise with them. They know that Langford is that man - he has already proven that by refusing to be against the MAPS tax increase.

  10. Theresa P said...

    The status quo comment was not mine and just because I am posting on a blog site does not make me part of the political scene in the same way that an elected official is part of the political scene. I am a stay at home mom who is trying to get someone elected that I think would serve the state of Oklahoma well. He was more than an activities director, by the way. Go to his website, www.jameslankford.com, and you see that he did a lot more than that. Falls Creek is the largest Christian Camp in the nation.

    Also, the MAPS issue was voted on by voters and they are the ones that approved it. James simply had no statement on that and I don't believe that disqualifies him, especially since, as I said, it was up to the voters, not the politicians.

    We are not going to agree on Lankford vs Calvey and so I will leave it at that. However, I would encourage you to check out the websites I have suggested with an open mind.

  11. Dale Switzer said...

    The reason that the MAPS issue is important is because James Langford has no public record. On his first public opportunity to make a difference he voted "present"

    Kevin Calvey, on the other hand, has a many years long record of tax-cutting and promoting conservative values. The worst Langford campaign's surrogate mud-throwers can do is say that he supported "special interests" when he authored a tax-credit for new homes.

    The problem with Langford is he is a pig-in-a-poke. He's undoubtedly a good Southern Baptist - but so was Al Gore. We don't know what we are getting in him.

  12. Theresa P said...

    Ok, since you are a friend of Kevin Calvey, I know I will not change your mind. But, you are right, Calvey has a record. Check out:


  13. Nicole Coulter said...

    Love to see a good debate. When's the primary???

  14. Theresa P said...

    The primary is August 24th. I don't mind debating but I am not going to change his mind and he is not going to change my mind. I am mainly saying this to Dale if he is reading this, I have never said this was a matter of Calvey not being a decent person. I do have some questions because of some things that have been revealed, but my support of James has nothing to do with that. The things that are coming out in the media are facts, they are not rumors. The fact that a large portion of Calvey's contributions are Russian money is simply something I have questions about, I don't really know what it means because I would need more information. The fact that the majority of Calvey's money comes from outside the state is also of great concern because this election is a local election. The overwhelming majority of James' contributions have come from inside the state, and this is with a Mike Huckabee endorsement, a national endorsement. Again, don't know what it means, I need more information, but it does make me question who Calvey would be working for. The fact that Lankford's money comes mainly from individuals and from Oklahomans, tells me exactly who he would be working for. I do not dislike Calvey, I have questions, but I do know that Lankford is seeking to go to Washington for the right reasons, not just to further his political career. I cannot say the same about Calvey.

  15. Jenni said...

    Theresa P: As I read your comments, I believe that you personify the feelings of many awakened tax-paying citizens. Many of us have been jolted awake by fear. We see our country being destroyed right before our eyes - our freedoms slipping away. It has made many of us - including me - cynical about the political process. We are wary of any candidate reflecting even the slightest perception of the status quo Republicans who have sold Conservatives out to liberals in government all over this country.

    Here's where I think this can be problematic...

    If I were to run for office, I would have to finance my campaign so my message can be heard by those I am wishing to serve. To do this, I would first go to my family and ask for their support. I would then be grateful to receive whatever assistance they could provide in order to lessen my reliance on the over-burdened taxpaying public for campaign support.

    Maybe it would be found that my uncle, who lives in Ohio, donated to my campaign. Maybe it would be found that an in-law also donated to Hilary's campaign for President. Does this make me less qualified to hold office or more beholden to out of state interests?

    No one can see into the heart of another but God (and I am not a pastor, I am a simple homemaker like yourself). Voters must rely on every available piece of information they can to make their most educated vote. It is important to remember, however, from where that information comes and realize that - whether you like it, or agree with it - EVERYONE has an agenda. Certainly those in the media.

    I ask you to make this consideration of the comments you have termed 'facts'.

    I agree wholeheartedly with Dale. Mr. Langford is a very nice man. He has worked wonders in Oklahoma politics by engaging the youth in our state and that is beyond laudable. He will one day make a very fine legislator.

    This is not his time. We are in the fight of our life for this country and the learning curve Mr. Langford will have to ascend in Washington will put us light years behind the entrenched liberals and progressives still in office.

    Mr. Calvey was not being ugly to Mr. Langford by stating the fact that Mr. Langford has no previous political experience and contrasting that by stating his own. It is fact that Mr. Calvey served in the Oklahoma legislature when Democrats held the majority and still got meaningful tax legislation passed. That is not merely laudable - that is proven competency for the position he is asking to assume.

  16. Theresa P said...

    Thank you for your interest in my blog. But, I will reiterate what I said to Dale, the fact that the majority of Calvey's money comes from outside Oklahoma tells me that he has already been bought, and I am not talking about his brother. A large portion of his money comes from Washington insiders. I am tired of hearing this argument from those who are career politicians that those who are not, should just sit this one out. I am sorry but I am not buying it.

    By the way, check out what people have said about the ad. A lot of people feel that he was making James' job sound very trivial and saying that the ad was petty on Calvey's part. That assessment is not just coming from me.

    For more information, I direct you to the websites I put up in response to Dale. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  17. Theresa P said...

    Jenni and Dale,
    I would also encourage you to read this article, along with the comments:


  18. Jenni said...

    This is your blog Theresa and I completely respect that and your right to say your piece in whatever way you wish, so I would like to make one last point and call it a day.

    You urge your readers to be diligent in checking on Calvey's record - which is good - however, you then go on to site personal blogs, comments to one Oklahoman article (which are skewed left) and what people are saying about a political ad as reasons not to consider or vote for Kevin Calvey. I don't see these items as germane when compared to an actual political public record. These are at best personal opinions and comments based upon feelings - not fact.

    If you simply prefer James Langford because of a 'gut' instinct or feeling, I can respect that. Since Kevin Calvey has an actual record, however, I think it more educational to your readers to cite that than hearsay, public comment or media bias stated as fact.

    You can find part of Mr. Calvey's voting record - along with other information - here: http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=12479

  19. Terry R said...

    I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments here. I think we are fortunate to have two quality men in the Republican primary. My support is squarely behind James Lankford. His inexperience in the political world isn't a disadvantage. The framers of the Constitution intended that the House of Representatives be staffed with the people, from all walks of life, non-politicians. That is why the term is so short. Our experienced Republican leadership has lost both houses of congress, the White House, control over the judiciary, and because of their lack of leadership and vision, we are now strapped with a $12 trillion debt over the next decade. I believe it is time for new blood, inexperienced or not, I want principled, godly men and women in congress. James Lankford is an excellent choice toward that aim.

  20. Theresa P said...

    I think that you have misunderstood my intentions. I am behind Lankford but it has nothing to do with Calvey. I have been behind Lankford from the beginning. I have only pointed you and Dale to what others are saying because, believe it or not, that is what people vote on. I have also said that I have questions about things from Calvey but that I do not have all of the information. I think that someone's contribution records are facts, not speculation, and there is a world of difference between Calvey's contributions and Lankford's contributions. I also am just tired of the inexperience argument. I agree with Terry about the Constitution and that is the standard I have. I actually believe Oklahoma will be well served either way, however, I know what Lankford's intentions are and, I am sorry, I cannot say the same about Calvey. Call it a gut feeling or whatever you want, but that is what I have. Actually, if you go to Rick Flanigan's website, he links you to actual legislative records of Calvey's voting record. Flanigan was one of his opponents in the primary so he has an interest in this election.

    In trying to talk about Lankford, I was not trying to tear down Calvey. I was merely stating my concerns with Calvey in response to Dale. It is possible to be okay with both outcomes but be strongly supportive of one over the other. Example, the Super Bowl this year was between the team I grew up rooting for (Saints) and a team I reallllllly liked (Colts.) Of course, I wanted the Saints to win but I would have also been okay with a Colts win. I think in politics there is a misconception that if you like one candidate, it is because you don't like the other, the proverbial "better of two evils." However, in this race I am supporting the person that I feel is the better choice, James Lankford. If you and Dale feel differently, then that is your choice and that is totally okay.

  21. Joe L said...

    Thanks for all the info on this website. I know this is petty, but the original article stated that, "He had to leave his job as director of Falls Creek because of the whole separation of church and state thing (believe me, as a minister's wife, it becomes very tricky.)" There is clearly no law restricting him from keeping his job as a Christian camp director and running for Congress at the same time. There are plenty of examples of ministers/clergy running for Congress while keeping their 'day' jobs. The camp may have wanted him take a leave of absence from his job, but there is no law that prohibits one from running for office while doing such work. Maybe the original poster didn't mean to imply that, but that is the way it came across to me. I have no dog in this fight and hope that whoever wins the primary goes on to win the general. They both seem like good people.

  22. Anonymous said...

    Just read through your article, the only problem that I found was the you said Lankford for was the director of Falls Creek. I have spent many a summers at Falls Creek, wasn't he the Program Director. There is a big difference between the "Director of Falls Creek" and the "Program Director of Falls Creek".

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  25. Tranquil said...

    This guy actually won. What a joke. It doesn't speak well for the voters of Oklahoma that they would send a "thumper" to congress. There are too many already.